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Mind Training Adventures


Welcome to Mind Training Adventures, a podcast about mind training techniques viewed through the lens of real-life experiences.


In this context, Mind, refers to the whole mental faculty including cognitive, emotional, sensory, and the relationship between parts.


Training refers to both 'formal' techniques such as meditation, neurofeedback, coaching, hypnotherapy, and 'informal' indirect techniques where one can reap benefits as a side-product: eg high-intensity exercise to cultivate focus and presence.


Mind Training is something we do both intentionally and unintentionally. Every experience in life contributes and certainly not just the easy ones. In growth there is journey, challenge and transformation.


My name is John Danias (Linkedin) and I am fascinated with the amazing ways available to train our minds.  I love hearing and sharing real-life stories and what better way than through a podcast.  I hope you enjoy, please give me feedback - especially on how to improve - and let's help each other grow.

Please refer to Series 1 Episode 1  for the "what" and the "why".